Hunter Chlebowski | LMP | License#60503638


  Sarah Baxter | LMP | License#60099471


Sarah does a technique called Manual Ligament Therapy which helps increase range of motion in joints through non-painful active resistance motions. She also does deep tissue and myofascial techniques helps reduce muscle pain. This combined with a relaxing feel makes for a wonderful experience.

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  Melinda Denham | LMP | License#60303663


Melinda does deep tissue and myofascial techniques to help reduce tension and pain while incorporating some stretching to increase range of motion. She likes focused work on the back and shoulders especially, and has had many repeating clients.

I am currently accepting new clients!

V__B922   Danica Roberts | LMP | License#00010050


I focus on a combination of injury repair, deep tissue work and an active analysis of your activities and condition to form a solid treatment plan. Relaxing? Perhaps. Restorative? Yes. Painful? Not necessarily…

Assessment of your condition is key, so come prepared to discuss your activities and painful conditions. Together we can improve or repair nearly any muscular condition.

I am currently accepting new clients!


lauren2-1  Lauren Kuntz | LMP | License#21520


Through my knowledge of postural assessment and deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point massage techniques I have seen many clients improve their functionality and decrease their pain which allows them to live life more comfortably and happily. I am knowledgeable in headache treatments, fibromyalgia pain management, and any acute or chronic injury treatment. I have also been known to give an amazing pregnancy massage or a relaxing and sleep inducing swedish massage.