Jamie McIntyre | LMT |License#60731721

Jamie uses deep tissue techniques such as trigger point therapy and myofascial release to relieve pain from and increase circulation to damaged parts of the body, allowing the body to heal.  Her style incorporates relaxation massage with deep pressure to elicit a relaxing response and release tension easily and naturally.

Laura Nicolosi | LMT |License#60755014

Laura works best with myofascial and trigger point techniques, which stretch the connective tissue surrounding muscles, then pinpoints painful spots within those muscles to relieve tension and pain.  She loves working areas that hold a lot of tension but are mostly ignored, like the face, feet and hands, the hips, and the rib cage, but enjoys relieving pain in any area of the body.

RobinKay | LMT | License#60561338

Robin has enjoyed being involved in Health and Wellness for nearly 20 years.  She holds a Personal Trainer certification as well as a Massage Therapy license, and loves to work with individuals to help improve their quality of life. She has specialized training in Older Adult fitness, as well as Geriatric and Hospice Massage.  Robin utilizes a variety of techniques in her bodywork, preferring the use of gentle, yet effective approaches to address issues of stress, pain and posture.

Brandi Hanscom | LMT | License#00023049

Brandi’s many years of experience and training in treatment work as well as relaxing massage allows her to treat your painful areas with a gentle caring touch. She has also been certified in cupping therapy where she combines the benefits of cupping with massage for a different approach to deep tissue treatment, as well as facial cupping that has many benefits for the skin and muscles of the face. She enjoys giving a full body massage and leaving you feeling relaxed.

Hunter Chlebowski | LMT | License#60503638

Hunter has amassed a variety of experience with clients from injury treatment to pregnancy massage to chronic pain management. His use of deep pressure and treatment techniques gives his clients a feeling of being thoroughly treated on their areas of concern.

Melinda Denham | LMT | License#60303663

Melinda does deep tissue and myofascial techniques to help reduce tension and pain while incorporating some stretching to increase range of motion. She likes focused work on the back and shoulders especially, and will leave you feeling thoroughly worked on!

Sarah Baxter | LMT | License#60099471

Sarah does a technique called Manual Ligament Therapy which helps increase range of motion in joints through non-painful active resistance motions. She also does deep tissue and myofascial techniques that help reduce muscle pain. This combined with a relaxing feel makes for a wonderful experience. 

Danica Roberts | LMT | License#00010050

I focus on a combination of injury repair, deep tissue work and an active analysis of your activities and condition to form a solid treatment plan. Relaxing? Perhaps. Restorative? Yes. Painful? Not necessarily…  Assessment of your condition is key, so come prepared to discuss your activities and painful conditions. Together we can improve or repair nearly any muscular condition.


  Lauren Kuntz | LMT | License#21520

Through my knowledge of postural assessment and deep tissue, myofascial and trigger point massage techniques I have seen many clients improve their functionality and decrease their pain which allows them to live life more comfortably and happily. I am knowledgeable in headache treatments, fibromyalgia pain management, and any acute or chronic injury treatment. I have also been known to give an amazing pregnancy massage or a relaxing and sleep inducing swedish massage.